Monday, August 03, 2009

Around the himalayas in 21 days! (DAY3)


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Day3 Kishangarh - Delhi

Woke up a little late because of that darn unknown local made A.C! Finally saddled up at 8:30am fueled up in the first visible petrol pump and winzee was crying to get his oil changed since we have covered 1200 kms so far!

cant see any sign of castrol oil anywhere and only mak was avilable and he was not comfortable with it. so we started riding ahead. 50 kms or something, rachit suddenly stopped on the road and he was pointing to the wild camels

wild camels in the sense not fondled by our human race kinda camels. without giving time to the camel to runaway we rode near them very slowly.

those two were romancing and i went in like the villan in hindi films.

i am pretty sure the male camel might have cursed me inside his heart since the female ran away getting scared at me all fully geared up, who would not get scared?

after the refreshing peace in my mind (took a wild animal's photo ) came back to the ride drank some water and we were zipping across the highway. awesome roads.

winzee desperately wanted to change his oil and we promised him Jaipur, but after reaching there we learnt that the highway does not go inside Jaipur. we promised him to stop at the first shop to have castrol sign board.

we did stop at a lot of shops with Castrol in it!, and all were truck oils.. finally found a castrol bike zone and got his oil replaced and we oiled our chains!

Had a good breakfast+lunch.. lotsa omlette, bread and gallons of water. the wierd thing is that i drank around 5 liters of water and did not pee a single time! it was that hot! no liquids in the body! total dehydration! it was fun though!

after riding in the hot sun for a long time finally we found a tree! and bike automatically started going under it for the shade.

we found this interesting unknown bird there. can anyone recogonize it?

its mate got stuck in the ground and got injured in its wings i guess. it was not able to fly!

I was trying to help it to get out of that junk.. meanwhile the one on the tree thought i am going to hurt his mate, declared a state of war by shouting aloud and started to pilot against me.. whoa four close encounters to my face.. it was inches away.

i got scared at the noise it made and i finally gave up on the rescue plan. this is when i pointed a new celebrity the sparrow..,


had some garam chai in the scorching heat (prasad's idea) and we zoomed off..

got a call from delhi xbhpian's that they will meet us once we reach Delhi. we felt very warm inside our hearts! told them that we will be in Delhi around 4:30 to 5:00pm and bid 'good bye till then' and we were on the roads.

roads were butter smooth and we kept on riding! it was around 3:30pm and all were exhausted. stopped at a small dhaba, where we had the best nimbu paani ever! it was 40 bucks for one though!

there was this huge dog there and after seeing us came and sat at the center of the room where we were sitting.

friendly disturbance! he never woke up though!

when we were about to start got a call from dcs and gave me the phone no. of abisheik. before i could save the no. abisheik called asking me weather we have booked any hotel rooms and if not how much was our budget?

he told us to call him once we reach the big Gurgaon-Delhi flyover. entered Gurgaon and reached the flyover at last. Darn it was HUGE Felt like the capital of India.

Contacted Abhishek and he told us to take two flyovers and wait before the third one.. we crossed two and was riding long to find the third one

finally found a huge metro bridge and decided to stop.

We were all looking forward to meet the Delhi xBhp'ians who we never interacted with before. we have just seen their names in few threads and that is it.

Abisheik told us to stay where we are and he will come find us, since i was unable to give him the exact location of ours.

a long distant scream of an rx100 and we all were excited! Abisheik and Shivanshu arrived! God we were feeling good to meet them. someone to speak to in an unknown place.

and the big surprise came.. they said they have booked us a decent hotel room and they will take us there.. can anyone wish for more from a unknown stranger! now it felt really good to be a biker!

thanked the lord and started riding with them. later Kamal also joined.

The traffic was totally chaotic.. people ride in all kinds of directions.. we were literally escorted by Abisheik, Shivanshu and Kamal. they made sure that no one on the road touches us since we were having big saddle bags..

they made sure none of get missed in the traffic.. you must be know how hard it is to do in Delhi

we stopped in front of that hanuman statue at karol bagh entrance for a chit-chat..

from Left to right: Me, Rachit, Abisheik, Kamal, Winzee and Shivanshu.

I was a little embarrassed to get this much help from Delhi guys. I mean we never had met them before, infact never spoke to them before, never even knew that they were in our club!

just because we share the same interest 'biking' they are with us today. there are no words to explain how i felt. without them we would have been totally blind and lost in the big Delhi city.

Thanks a lot guys.

finally lodged into our hotel.. the hotel was awesome.. it had a big double bed, a big tv, a mini bar, couch, tea table and stuff.. all for 1500 and that too for two days in karol bagh!

kamal said he might have found a better hotel if we could have told him a little earlier! and these guys have applied half a day leave in their offices just to meet us.

I was like whoa! Guys like these do exist! Is there anything more to help us! we were very lucky to meet them!

finally they bid us good night.. they were strangers to us no more.. felt like we knew them for years!

we wanted to explore karol bagh.. took bath and we were roaming around the streets of Delhi listening to 'yeh Dilli he meri yaar' from Delhi 6.

and what BIG kulfi's they have there! yummy!

then we were hunting for monk but in vain.. not in delhi too settled for RC. Got a call from Maveric who came from Gurgaon to see us!

I rushed to the hotel and what a cool guy he was.. we were chatting about our trips `n` bikes `n` delhi `n` mumbai `n` the roads ........

the others came with loads of tandoori chicken and food!

Maveric bid us good bye and we feasted on the chicken. later zzzzzzz with the minimum possible a/c temp!

Around the himalayas in 21 days! (DAY2)

i am not a very good narrator and i have tried something.. so dont throw rotten tomatoes and eggs at me!

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Woke up early in the morning.. 6am! took bath and checked out of the hotel. saddled up at around 7:30 and we were confused about which route to take.. everyone was telling us a new route. finally settled for the Naroda road so that we can catch the highway without stepping into Ghandinagar. We kept riding and darn there were lotsa branch roads.

we took the wrong route and ended up in a junction where an uncle told us to take the Ghandinagar route. he promised us that the roads are very good and its thru the national park. The route was beautiful indeed.

dog was the only visible animal inside the park since it was morning. :P we saw a bunch of peacocks flying over us though! that was a sight. before i could remove my camera from the saddle bag they disappeared. the roads were amazing with green flush all around us.

We reached Gandhinagar Thermal Power Station and could not ride without stopping. huge cooling towers in the plant which stood majestically.

we started posing near the jet fighter with fully geared and a helmet in hand.. people were asking weather we are jet pilots and we told them yes we are! you should have had a look at their faces!

the next journey was one of the most memorable trip! we did 210 non stop. we were very happy to ride on the small mountains after the lengthy straights!

we were doing all monkey stunts like leaning and cornering. it was fun. none of us came to know that we covered that much. all the guys were still riding and i decided to stop to give a break to the bike.

we had garam garam chai and some pakoda!

we kept riding as long as we could in the scorching heat of rajasthan. i was literally baking inside my jacked since it was made for cold weather and rains! darn RST! now i realized "Indian roads, Indian jackets"

the road to ajmer from udaipur was a single lane highway flooded with trucks. so we thought of taking the super smooth highway via Chittaurgarh. that adds around 120 kms extra though!

we got lost somewhere in the middle of the desert. it was a desert since we cant find a single shadow, a single tree or a single soul to ask for directions!

got totally exhausted. to add to our tragedy there was no water to drink too. we went on the wrong way a little ahead hoping there will be some shop where we can buy some water.

no. nothing there! prasad got mad and he started running around the desert for water. finally after 15mins are so he came like a god with water.

drank the whole bottle and we were waiting for someone to pass to ask for directions.

finally few under 18 guys driving a car came by. sorted out the directions and we were on our way. took the correct Bhilwara route.

now its 3:00pm and we wanted to gas up our bikes and some food for our tummy.

found a good a/c dhaba in the middle of no where! people were very arrogant though. they told us to keep all our helmets down since the hotel might get flooded with people.

for god's sake there were around eight big big tables and we were the only soul in that room. without any option we obliged him.

food was good though. what more can you ask for in the middle of a desert? good food, a/c room and we were more than happy!

started riding towards Ajmer. darn it was hot. i was riding in the shadows of big trucks for a long time conversing with the truck drivers! that was fun.

we stopped after a 150km ride and there were very old people resting under a big tree. asked their permission for a few clicks and they offered us water after that.

finally at dusk we reached kishangarh. got a huge room for 850 bucks which had four cots with an a/c room.

loads of thandoori chicken and rotis.. feasted and slept!