Sunday, February 20, 2011

life partner and bikes

i need to find a girl like you my dear bike

i know when you feel uncomfortable above 120 and i try to take you above that but i feel like i have to reduce my speed since u dont like it and i do that for you so that u dont dump me on the road

i know when you feel scared in a corner and i will take you with an ease

i know when i see a huge stone on the highway and i feel i am gonna fall, u comfort me by saying, believe me i am there i wont let you down and we both ride over the stone and u keep me safe

i am scared at times to take a blind corner and u feel uncomfortable too but finally we both do it and we both are happy that we did it

we blip at the car/truck riding in front of us saying we are coming thru and give us way, and they give us way, some think they wont let us pass, but we do it saying you are wrong, i am passing thru and give me way and they end up giving us the way finally

i try to keep you happy with all i can do with new engine oil, tyres, sprocket and fix you up when you feel bad

when i am in a sad state that i cant think straight and u look at me and say, come on lets go for a ride and all will be fine after that, which worked all the time

sometimes you indicate me that you are out of fuel and i feel like pushing you begging, listen there are no fuel pumps in eyesight stay with me and you always were with me till i found a fuel pump

sometimes i show you that this is my style of taking the corner and you do it

sometimes u teach me that this is what i am, when u want to brake, u will have to break at the perfect time else i am gonna slip and i have learnt it the hard way!

sometimes u feel sick that you will hesitate to start, i take an off from work to fix you up

sometimes i feel like ripping you apart and that will make me to get my senses and you never compained and always stayed with me

i am sure there are better bikes than you on the market, but i love you and i am happy with you and will never look ahead of you, i know you will stay with me forever!

i depend on you and u depend on me and we cant live our lifes without eachother..

i feel like home whenever i sit on you and u always gave me that comfort.

u never ditched on me, u were there whenever i needed u

i dont know if i am selfish, but you are mine and i am yours!

will i ever find a girl like you!