Friday, September 28, 2007

Microsoft Mail's New Coool Domains for INDIA

Microsoft has unveiled its choosy e-mail id's..

Instead of having mail like or, this is a new approach for us Indians..

If u live in chennai u can choose yourname @ chennairocks . in, likewise for lot other major cities..

They have categorized their new approach into five,

  • where i live,
  • who i like,
  • who i am,
  • what i like and,
  • i don't fit, for the rest
I dont know how far it is going to be a success. But its a fresh idea..

u can check this out here.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One of the forwards i got!!


Have u ever liked someone sooo much, that u just couldnt tell them?

have u ever had a sleepless night because u couldnt stop thinking about them?

have u ever felt so lonely that u cryed urself to sleep?

have u ever lost someone u loved and prayed every night for them to return?

have u ever felt the need to hurt urself on the outside because u couldnt stand the hurt inside?

my answer is “YES” for all the questions.. i think, most of those who live in this creepy earth's answers will be “YES”.. so which dumbest f%$#$r makes questions like this..??

the beginning of the end.. [ under construction ]


its really amazing when we think about the transitions that we humans go thru..

from a baby, who just knows nothing more than crying to a boy who expects some love..

from a boy to a teenager who thinks of his own and learns how to make some good decisions..

from a teenager to a young man who tries to make a living of his own..

a young man to an adult who gets the meaning of love life and creates his own gift out of it by adding a +1/.. to the world population..

manythings change during this transition.. our physical appearance, our voice, the way we think, how we handle things `n` lot more..

i am thinking about the changes i went thru while i blog this..

in preperatory school i was one of the brightest.. i was a bit like a hero.. believe it or not, my teacher used to paste my answer papers in my class notice board just to show the other students how to answer the questions..

like the dialogue in kannathil muthimittal ( a tamil movie ), “en vazhikilla periya prechina ithu thaan.. tamil teacher..” it perfectly matches me.. why all my tamil teachers are mostly like the same.. why GOD why..??

i was a lie bag in those days.. i was caught red-handed by my tamil teacher for not completing my class assignments..

my parents were called up and were asked to come to the school immediately..!!

gosh..!! i was thinking of committing a suicide after killing my tamil teacher before she talks to my parents.. :)

this made me very very guilty.. my parents out of frustration were damn upset..

who wouldn’t be upset after all?? they both are college professors and their son i like this..

what i did was not a crime.. but.. guess it yourself..!! i’ll narrate what i did.. ( don’t laugh after reading )

i hated my tamil teacher.. she always scolds me just because of the fact that i was the pet ( not literally ) of my class teacher, who was her rival..

she used to ask me a lot of tricky tamil grammatical questions, in which my `basement koncham weeku..!!`

she used to insult me, beat me up and makes me stand out of the class ( the other meaning of an outstanding student )

i never got this yet.. wat did i do wrong? is it a crime when you are loved by someone??

so what i did was,
she ( my tamil teacher ) used to correct our class notes weekly.. she stores them in our class cupboard..

being close to my class teacher, i had access to the cupboard.. i took all the notebooks of my fellow students and was planning to hide them, which in-turn will make my tamil teacher hold the responsibility.. i tht my very strict principal would scold my tamil teacher like this.. “where are all the notes?? where did u loose them..?? the students have their exams in a few days and

how am i answerable to their parents??”

but wat actually happened is,

my school’s clerk who rings the school’s bell was passing by my class.. i got frightened and tht of hiding the books.. no one was allowed to touch the stuff in the class cupboard except the faculty.. gosh.. i was standing with all the notebooks in my hand right before the cupboard.. i went crazy.. didn’t have a clue.. there was this stream of water passes by our class.. in tamil we call it as `paathi`.. this water runs to the agricultural land.. i threw all the notebooks into it.. ( our class was more like a hut.. no windows or anything.. all open.. i mean there was a wall which covers up the half and the other half left open! )

i told before that, i saw the clerk.. but he never saw me till he heard the sound of these notebooks falling into the water..!!

man i should not have done that.. i should have stayed calm..

now anyone can guess what happened after this..

then as i advanced from preparatory school to the next secondary education, my mindset changed..

i was thinking, `i am not a small boy now.. i am a big boy!! i don’t want to be a geek!!`
my words made me loose interest in my studies..

i was ranked 4 in my sixth grade, which gradually increased to 24th during my ninth!
my dad was going mad on me.. even i started to skip classes.. i failed in my favourite subject English! i cannot forgot that i got a 24 outta 100!

since i was in hostel, i am not directly accesible to be scolded by my dad.. the only way was thru phone!! good that i was in hostel.. besides he is the best father in the world..

Friday, September 07, 2007

How Evil Are You?

You Are 72% Evil

You are very evil. And you're too evil to care.

Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

check out ar rahman's new website..

check this out.. realy cool website for the mastero..

ants gone now its time for centipedes..

          At last i got rid of all the ants in my room.. now lots of centipedes started coming.. previously while i was a boy i get scared of them like hell.. after seeing too much of them in my room, the child, the father and mother, the grand father and grand mother, the great grand @#$%, its more like i dont get scared anymore.. they all used to play their family games in my room all the time.. i wonder whether they have some family supper daily r wat..

          Now again i need to go thru some web pages and refer wiki `HOW TO KILL CENTIPEDES`..

          As per my knowledge and research, i can classify them into three types.. the red one, the brown one and the black one.. When you see the black one, it makes your adrenaline flow like a river becoz of its size..

          I guess my next post will be on something like `how to kill centipedes` lol..

          My room will workout as a dream lab for a zoologist i guess.. sooner or later some insect mutation is gonna happen and i wish something will bite me and i will turn into a superhero like spider man r something :)