Friday, November 30, 2007

i am

life is goin pointless..

still 15 more days to go home.. can't wait!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

emptiness within me..

why the fish am i alive??

for whom am i alive??

for wat am i alive??

why do i have to die??

i am feeling the emptiness of my heart.. may be it will change.. may be not.. why do i care??

there are people everywhere wearing fake smiles..

at some point they stop being what they are and try to act like someone who they are not.. why??

they come to you just because u have something they need.. tat is how the world works ain't it??

some get what they want and move up ditching you!!

few get jealous for what you are and curse you!!

one r two might stay with you for what you are, if you are real lucky..

who defines what to do and what not to do??

who creates rules??

why do boys run behind girls?? is it because of pure lust?? if its love, then why do they ignore their present friends and run behind some unknown girl who looks pretty and try to create new a relation r friendship r watever they call it??

atlast wat is the result of doin this?? where does this end??

is having lust an unnatural thing?? its not bad until it hurts someone ain't it??

is it some kinda fancy thing to have a lot of girl friends?? waaz fancy about it?? they are just the other version of humans rite?

why do some people feel happy by hurtin someone??

why do people backtalk??

like said in V "People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." why is this not happening??

being selfish is not tat bad, but why are people tooo selfish??

why did i write this dumb ass post??

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

தமிழில் தட்டச்சு செயுங்கள்

கூகுளின் புதிய கண்டிபிடுப்பு.. இப்போது தமிழ் font இல்லாமலே தமிழில் தட்டச்சு செயாலம்..

Thursday, November 15, 2007


im thinkin of joinin politcs.. suddenly sprouted out from my dream!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thursday, November 08, 2007

ricky's kiss

i got this while running thru few blogs,


hmm.. today is deepavali @ my home town.. but here in bombay, the diwail is tomo..

sitting @ office early mornin.. shit man.. many relatives called me this mornin to wish me a happy deepavali, and wat was i doin?? sittin @ home without water to bath.. at last managed to get some water from my neighbours..

just had one full big dairy milk chocolate govindhaed by my company!! my stomach was making some funny noises since the last meal i had is yesterday's lunch!! after dairy milk, its back as normal!! :)

so.. still 7 more hours to kill.. Oil Empires is also down for the next version.. wat to do? wat to do?

special deepavali programs are being scheduled on sun tv today.. the movie chennai 600028 is also in tat list! shit man, i will b sitting @ office tat time! this is also a kinda fun,, when you miss something you never get bored! you always think about wats goin in there now!!

tomo, a great adventureous day.. planned to go for a trek to Matheran.. Initially i was planning to go alone, then told one of my friend about it after tat hopefully few others will join i guess!!

tomo mornin 6 o' clock, the journey starts!! I believe it will b a sexy memorable experience!!

Iniya Deepavali Nalvaathukkal!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

damn Income Tax

yesterday i heard from one of my friend that i will b payin 32000 as income tax if i don't show investments this year!! damn!!

so.. i have invest around 60000 more to avoid tax.. but if i invest 60k, 60k will go.. i wont b havin money to spend!! [still in deep thinking!!]

Sunday, November 04, 2007

orkut fortune

Today's fortune: You and your wife will be happy in your life together

lol.. :)

weeee weeee ;(

my cellphone's display is gone!!!

weekend drive

hmm.. as i hoped it turned out to be a great weekend!!

went to shop a digi cam for a friend!! he bought some w90 r something.. nice one.. we were standing in the shop for about 2hrs stretch.. at last he made up his mind and bought it.. thank god!! after which in the name of newly purchased camera, we demanded a treat.. we ate some wraps and rolls..

then, when they left, me and one of my friend went for shopping dresses which were on some discount sale.. no idea abt what is in there, we went in.. not a big crowd too, which made us move freely within the shop.. after 20-25 mins, we both choose a jacket.. we later found out that it was a defective piece since it had holes all over it.. shit! waste of time.. then we again started searching in the huge mountain of jackets.. at last i found one wind cheater!! nice one actually!!

then we moved over to look for some cargo's.. it was really hard to find a cargo that fits my waist!! all were in 32, 34, 36 and 38.. even few 33's were there but no 30's!! after pushing few of the vendors, i found one cool cargo.. when i went to try it, the zip was broken.. few guys who work on the shop squeezed their mind and tied a tiny rope so that the zip is movable.. they promised me that once if the cargo fits, they will change the zip.. hmm.. when i tried it i found that its a girl's cargo!! shit shit and holy shit!! 45 mins gone!! loosing my dream coloured cargo, we moved over to the shirts section.. was wondering who in this world designed these shirts!! nothing was good!! at last we made up our mind to finish the purchases of the day and we walked towards the cash counter!! the guy said `no credit cards`.. shit again.. we went in search for an atm at last found one SBI atm.. it said `The last transaction is cancelled`and the machine is dead!! `great!` i said to myself.. i went back to the underground parking area to get my bike so that we will go in search of an atm.. gracefully we found a citibank atm and withdrew the money.. i told him that i am too lazy to walk back to the shop and buy them.. he told me to wait where i was and went to get the stuff we bought!! nice shopping ain't it??

then i asked him `what are you upto`.. he said `i am free`!! i said `then lets go for a drive!!`

he sat at the back and we started driving towards a blind destination!! i wore the newly wind cheater!! we started driving along the western express highway.. suddenly he said `lets explore malad!!` i heard malad had some fine beaches, so without hesitating i said `as you command captain!!`..

we then stopped at a shop where lots of chicken were hanging down all dressed up in some tasty masala.. it took us abt 20 mins to get a table since the restaurant had only five tables lol.. we ordered a butter chicken and few parotas which took almost 45 mins to get them on our table.. we watched a couple who came after us and watched them eat and leace.. dunno waaz the problem with us and the shop owner.. he never brought us the food which we order.. besides us there were three guys sitting an eating the hotel in wholesale.. we watched them eat three full tandori chicken to bones!! at last we finished our tasteless curry and few parotas which were made before 6-7 hrs i suppose.. we enquired about the way which will lead us to the beautiful beach shores which were running around our heads!!

malad!! at first it had very bad vomit initializing foul smell of dead fishes!! `shit man!! wat the hell is this place??` we followed the road which lead us to Marve Beach.. at first i was stunned to see the beach.. the place was covered with full of boats, which hid the beach which stood behind elegantly!! i was too scared to leave my girl friend at he parking area since few guys were checking on her!! it none other than my beautiful, the sexiest apache rtr!! so i took her into the beach!! she was wobbling here and there due to the beach sand!! suddenly i felt some chappathi dough like stuff on my feet!! gosh it was a snake and thankfully it was dead!! :) we spent long minutes in the beach.. it was 00:45.. no crowds.. 10-15 people were there.. we watched a few couples smooch and dogs doing their ^thing^.. we were back on the road!! we headded towards the Aksa Beach. no one was there except us two.. nice calm lengthy beach!! we listened to few songs, smoked few cigars and it was 01:45.. its hard.. but we made up our mind to get home!! he has this nokia phone, which i call as `the loudspeaker`.. we queued up few slow romantic songs and he held it in his hand while we drove back!! music while driving bike.. awesome.. the road was empty and my dear girl friend was running at a speed of 50kmph.. enjoyed the mild breeze along with the songs!! we reached the highway!! i wondered `shit!! what kinda city has traffic jams at 02:15 am!!` we watched cars going behind us at a great speed since she was flying at 100-110 kmph.. now the gentle breeze turned into a wild storm!!

i dropped him at his house and headed towards mine.. when i came home and switched on the tv, i realized that my bike's clock is running 30mis faster!! jus like her speed!!!! then i opened my laptop to check my inet connection's speed!! thankfully it was average and that is when i posted this blog!!

good night!!! :)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

looooooooooong time no seee

after a long time.. I'm posting again..

the new company which i joined is cool!

but, since i am very bad at hindi i feel lonely there.. people always speak in their language.. i can understand a bit but.. just a few pieces of words.. i can do nothing but smile when they look at me :) what else can i do. poor me!! slowly trying to learn it.. but see I'm too lazy :P

apart from office life, life is great with my new ride.. it runs like a stream of water.. damn good bike..

yesterday went for a loong drive after the movie `jab we met`.. i guess its a good entertainer.. i guess it because i fell asleep after the interval.. lol.. and ya about the drive, went to a place called chota kashmir.. i wonder how they named it!! tat place dosen't deserve tat name.. nothing is there except a garden where couples come and smooch publicly.. felt embarrassed at first since i was alone but felt comfortable whn i tht abt the after effects of having a girl friend!! after tat drove chanceless plesant road with full of trees on the side.. the great abt this road is its in mumbai.. tat too inside andheri man.., almost for 3hrs i was wandering around that place.. after a long time felt like being near home!!

wat else, feelin a bit bored today being a weekend. will b starting out soon.. few of my friends are goin out for shopping.. hope the day is good!