Thursday, July 21, 2011

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Saturday, July 09, 2011

my sweet girl

she is as sweet as a chocolate,
her beautiful skin color says it all..

her eyes are like the sparkling coral beauty,
and her eyebrows like a perfect bow..

gorgeous doesn't even explain her,
so amazing and she don't even know..

she accepts me as i am,
i can relax and just be me..

i'm always thinking about her,
she is the only one on my mind..

and how can i ever be cruel and break her heart,
i'll never be able to live with myself if i do..

a woman whom i can connect,
and who has given me more than i expect..

together, forever, i long to be,
the only one for me..

the time when she started loving me was the time my life started to have a meaning,

i know i have an angel,
she was sent from heaven above..

i hold her in my heart,
i miss her much,
to the moon and the stars..

and this feeling will go on,
until she is safe in my arms..

i know that we will be together sooner or later,
how i hope that the time and day will pass faster,
so that I'll be with her and hug her tight,
and never let go with all my might..

`coz I really miss her now, miss her more..