Friday, December 21, 2012


I feel angry
I feel frustrated
I feel ashamed
I feel responsible in a way

Where is our country headed to?

Why are women treated like this?

Why are women critisized for what they wear and that it provokes these barbarians?

Why are the conversations around a rape focussed on the victim rather than the perpetrators?

Why are victims afraid of police than the offenders? Why do police tend to bend towards the rich and the powerful than to those who need help and justice?

Why do these men see women as meat?
Is it because the low life thinks he can do whatever he wants and get away with it since women will be ashamed to speak of it publicly?
From where do these men have the guts to do this?

Why do people compare these fricking low lifes to animals? Which animals rape as much as humans do?

What do these savages think before doing such horrible things?
What runs in their mind?

Is it because of him being inferior?
Is it because of jealousy?
Is it because of the way he was raised?
Is it because of how his mind was developed during childhood?
Could it be the the society which resulted in his character?


Is it because of the flawed law system?
Is it because of the powerful politicans?
Is it because of the so called leaders are also criminals?
Is it because of the money hungry police?
Is it because of the corrupt, bribe driven government?

Parents rape their kids, grandparents rape their grandkids, husbands rape their wifes, what next? People will eat each other soon!

There are thousand more stories which are more horrifying than this and it does not make the headlines..
There are thousand more unheard stories which stays inside the victims, that they cant bury in their minds..
Just like anyother "major" problem so far, this story will be forgotten too soon enough too?

It is a shame on all of us, or is it the way to live?
We call this an uncivilized world deep within, may be we are heading to a deeper shit than this and probably this is just the road towards it!

How do we change it?
What is the solution?

We will have to list down the problems, slice and dice it one at a time to have a meaningful solution than pointing everything at the corrupt government/people..
If we want a change we have to make it.. We are just too lazy/afraid/lack courage/lethargic and we choose the easy way of pointing someone else for the problem which we have to console ourselves that nothing will change!

The solution lies outside the law, in the mindset of the people..

I accept that this post has no meaning to proposing a solution and its just a rant. Could not keep it within myself after reading the below stories,